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After the EXHIBITION „WOANDERS“  2010 in Basel the artist still have  his attention on SOCIAL CHANGED and REVOLTS around the WORLD , specially in AFRICA and in ARAB COUNTRIES.

This time, his trip to MAGHREB meets with the redemption and revolt in the ARAB WORLD, which enable him to develop the idea of the „WHITE BOOK PROJET“.
The artist first started molding plaster in a scuptural way to create books, then simplified the idea with a concept to use banderoles, plancards and written papers as in demontrations in a manner where we face today around the globe.

The artist now bases in Marokko where the wind of changes in the nearby countries blows as A NEW WAVE OF MOVEMENT is on the process of restructuration to instore peace also .



As the a result, the 20th century ended as a CAPITALISTIC VALUE ERA.
Well this 21 century one comes as spiritual and divin era based upon social value as result.
With our will to make change in our daily life rather than relying on socio politic or ministries to bring about evolution or progress in our well being -now, we face the uprising in the middle east and in different parts of the world where populations require and  struggle for social values to better living conditions of majority.The demande is for restructuration and restoration from goverments and leaders to fit the need of population
what had been done in the name of human rights respect for equality and no abuse of power can be a resolution for the politic problematic at this time.
The artist develop in this project the concept of « WHITE BOOK » as known to make reforms and changes to all entreprises and leaderships. (see the white book reference). All revolutions are a guest of respect of social values.

To materialize this idea, the artist propose the « WHITE BOOK PERFORMANCE » - using words to express the message as tools of communication by sweeping words to declare and reclaim basic human rights as VITAL NEEDS .

Gade DIOUF/Afrocentric Production

Specializing in Cola Art Design