EXHIBITION 2010 - Basel "woanders"

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Fugitives/ asylum seekers on the way, somewhere else („woanders“) to find a place of peace, love and harmony.

Leaving behind unrests, war, bitter hardships, straggle for live, suppression and force. Leaving back sometimes the family, the friends: The dearest. While the escape in fear, at strange place, making an application for asylum. Confronted with prejudices, discrimination, rejection, missunderstandings. Looking for respect and  human dignity.

We all have to go a long way, that the world finally becomes a better place for everyone and we learn to respect the inviolability  and the freedom of all creatures.

Gade Diouf is a, with archaic symbolism working concept artist and representative of the recent generation of contemporary artists in Senegal. He aleady had numerous exhibitions in Africa, America and Europe.

God's child