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My art work has been exhibited in the Gambian national museum Bamako( Mali ), Kumasy ( Ghana ) as well as numerous exhibitions in Detroit, Saint Louis (Missouri ), Berlin ( Germany ), Basel ( Switzerland )  and throughout Africa and the Senegal galleries as well. His mural has been used in music video and reporters.GADE spends all his career doing research on different arts by experimentations across Africa.

I believe that social life in all its aspects and at every period of its history, is made possible only by a vast symbolism.


I'm specialized in cola sacred art, wich is a unique medium. I believes that can be used as mediator or intercessor in a divine way. Colanut is been performed in naming ceremonies and wedding also in frindship as well as in forgiveness. Colanut brings about pecemaking and joy, happiness celebrities. IT IS A GIFT FROM THE GOD.

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